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Water Detector Long Range For wells and explorers of underground water.


The GER DETECT Company offers you the latest levels in technology, extremely detailed techniques, and discrimination.

GER DETECT Company put all of the high-tech within the specifications and features of this system to be the primary among other long-range devices, providing the navigator, great search effort, and exploring water. For the wells and the explorers of underground water.



Long-range system to find underground water

Long-range Water Finder

You may pick the specified range by changing the range of system range alternatives (500 meters) or (1000 meters) or (1,500 meters) or (2000) perpendicular meters via the control key.

After the completion of settings and begin the method of detecting the system will start to send and receive special frequencies to detect.

The kind you simply pick from the list, up to 1200 meters below the earth.

When the system receives a sign, it will immediately follow the signal toward the target, and when it turns to the sender’s specified target and thus to the signal’s receiver antenna.

And once you are above the target core, the system will wrap up the target directory during a circular motion.

FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM is that it has been checked by processors to prove the efficiency of their industry before placing it on the market by the best modern German industry to afford the capacity and ease of use and its small size and accuracy of the results of the unit.


The main unit of the FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM device.

The primary unit and settings of processing.

The screen contains a list of device options.

Keyboard Controller Touch.

The ON / OFF power switch.

Sending input antennas.

Receiving entrance antennas.

The inlet for the charger.

Rechargeable 12-volt battery.

4 antennas for signal reception and transmission.

12-volt charger for homes.

Bag anti shocks to hold the system and its accessories and to save them.

Multilanguage user manual, like Arabic.

Two-year warranty from the date of purchase

First-class German industry according to international standards.

FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 The System Computer is one of the best German inventions with international requirements for European cε certification.

A video demonstrating the Easy Way Smart Device’s operation

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Name Technical Specification Value
Audio Output piezo buzzer Ø:12mm – H:9.8mm sound pressure level 85db at 12v/10cm frequency 4.5±0.5 kHz
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) graphics LCD (128×64) pixel / 55mm x 27.22mm
Length Device only 203mm – The device with long-range antenna 386mm (closed) – The device with long-range antenna 638mm (opened)
Frequency Max 500 KHz
Data processing speed 20 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 0 C° to 60 C°
Operating Humidity Range up to 95 % non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range – 20C° to 70C°
Storage Humidity Range up to 98 % Relative Humidity
Operating Time (7.56 Wh Battery) 10 Hours
Waterproof Rating – Detector not waterproof (weatherproof only )
weight total 1750 g
Device weight 550 g
Bag weight (empty ) 1000 g
Bag dimensions 340mm x 275mm x 125mm
Battery Type Li-ion Rechargeable Battery – internal battery
Battery Output Voltage Li-ion 10.8 VDC
Battery Capacity Li-ion 7.56 Wh
Battery Run Time 10 Hours
Battery Operating Temperature 0 C° to 60 C°
Battery Storage Temperature – 2C° to 70C°
Battery weight 60g
Charger Operating Temperature 0 C° to 50 C°
Charger Storage Temperature – 30C° to 80C°
Charger Input Voltage 90 → 250 VAC 50→60 Hz
Charger Output 12.6 VDC / 1000 mA

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