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  • Up to 80Khz HYPERQ multi-frequency

  • Flat-foldable telescopic shaft system

  • Gorilla Tough Blizzard series coil

  • Fast automatic noise canceling

  • Haptic feedback vibration

  • 400×240 pixels display

  • Embodied gyro sensor

  • 5M waterproof  ability

Powerful BRAIN

HYPERQ: Transmit multiple essential frequencies to the ground at the same time, ranging from 7 to 80kHz.

Increased detection frequency. The HYPERQ platform can deliver multiple frequencies, including signals up to 80kHz, at the same time, allowing it to find fainter targets deeper and with greater precision in difficult conditions. This is made possible by the use of a high-performance microcontroller unit (MCU) with a 480MHz speed Cortex-M7 STM32H750 series, as well as a low latency and low noise Texas Instruments 4 channel 768kHz sampling rate ADC5140.

Noise cancellation on the fly. We can run high-accuracy automatic noise cancellation with just one click thanks to the high-speed processing capability. In just 10 seconds, it will choose the quietest channel for the upcoming detection.

With the gyro sensor, you can:
Start automatic ground balance without pressing any buttons.
After 5 seconds of inactivity, enable automatic power-saving mode.
Improve accuracy by using motion detection to measure swing speed and angle.


Sun readable: The more sunlight there is, the more detail you will be able to read. You won’t miss anything with a viewable angle of up to 60 degrees.

High response time: A fast response time is essential for detecting activity. The results will be displayed to you immediately.

Power consumption is extremely low: Unlike other matrix pixel displays, the reflective LCD consumes less than 10um power, allowing for more swings at the ground.

Backlight: The device includes a backlight that can be activated in low-light conditions.

Portability and ease of use. The detector is small and lightweight, making it simple to retrieve and store in your backpack. The patented “SUPER 3D Telescopic” rod set is flat-foldable, allowing for maximum mobility and adjustability while maintaining a minimal physical structure.

Individualized comfort. Because both the control box and the armrest are fully adjustable for personalized comfort, comfort is a top priority. Furthermore, all parts are interchangeable for future maintenance.

CNC machined components. Precision is essential, as the detector is built with industry-standard aluminum and precisely CNC-machined parts. The shaft is divided into four sections without sacrificing a lightweight design.


V series metal detectors have the best weight-to-size ratio design in the industry. The original T-style handle and shaft provide the most accurate detecting experience.

The V80 will weigh 1140 grams with the Blizzard 9″ coil and 1266 grams with the Blizzard 11″ coil.

Say goodbye to commercial batteries that are both expensive and harmful to the environment. We were the first to incorporate rechargeable USB type-c batteries into metal detectors. Charge your detector with a wall charger or while outdoors with a power bank or solar pad.

The detachable design allows underwater detectorists to easily replace broken ones.



Weight 1160~1360(2.5~3LB)
Display 2.7″ B/W 400x240Pixel LCD
Telescopic rod* Aluminum Round
Coil* 11×10″ Blizzard
Speaker Detachable
Gyro sensor Yes
Battery 5600mAh
Wireless headphones* WireFree Vibe Bluetooth
Receiver Dongle* Optional
Headphones adaptor Included
Haptic Feedback Vibrator Low latency vibrator
Frequency* 5 10 15 20 40 HYPERQ
Saltwater performane Great
Programs* 4+ 9 Park Field Saltwater Gold
Iron Volume* 5 Levels
Tones* 2 3 5
Noise canceling 10 second auto
Ground balance Auto Track + manual pumping
Gold mode Special Gold Theme
Recover Speed* 1 ~5

Additional information

Weight 7 kg


Made In

System Device



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